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Author with  18.8 lb. walleye, caught on the Columbia River, near Richland, WA.

The Hunting, Hiking, & Camping Life

A fair-weather-preferred angler, Wayne enjoys woods and field during fishing's off-season. Bow-and-arrow deer hunting has provided fodder for many stories. Campfires, talkative friends, and high-Cascades trails, many more stories. 

As much as possible, Wayne weaves birds, bears, flowers, rock formations ... into any outdoor article he writes. His goal: A you-are-here-in-the-boat, or you-are-hiking-the-trail-with-us experience for readers. 

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Archery World, Bassin', Bow Hunter, Field & Stream, Fishing & Hunting News, Fur-Fish-Game, Motor Boat & Sailing, North American Whitetail, Northwest Sportsman, Nor-Westing, Oregon Hunter, Pacifc Northwest Boating, Salmon-Trout-Steelheader, Salmon & Trout Journal, Saltwater Sportsman, Sea, Sports Afield, Tri-City Herald.

       The Fishing Life

Fishing in the Pacific Northwest is very good, and Wayne has the data to prove it.

For 38 years, he has logged each of his fishing trips -- weather & water conditions, catches, where & when, baits, what worked, and what didn't.


Wayne mines these logs to write magazine stories and  how-to books. 

From over 1,240 trips, he has distilled 1,568 pages of notes into 5 books. 

Couple your experience with his, and you will catch more fish. 

Early spring and late fall, find Wayne on the Columbia River, fishing in his 17' Lowe aluminum boat. 

April through October, hail him in Washington's San Juan Islands and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, on his 25' sportfisher, Merlin. 

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There is no substitute for time on the water. 

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