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Wayne has called the Pacific Northwest home for over 40 years. He lives along the Columbia River, in Richland, Washington.

Trained in fisheries science -- BS, Biology; MS, Marine Biology -- he taught science in high school and college for 22 years.

Since he retired, Wayne has worked as a freelance writer, covering outdoor sports topics. 

                 Magazine Columns & Articles

Wayne wrote a monthly fishing column in Pacific Northwest Boating for 3 years.  He writes outdoor articles for 14 other magazines and newspapers -- more than 145 stories over 2 decades. 

Available for writing assignments. Specialties: freshwater -- bass fishing; saltwater -- salmon fishing, bottomfishing, crabbing, powerboating. 

                Writing Awards -- Magazines

Wayne has won 10 Awards and several Honorable Mentions from the Northwest Outdoor Writers' Association. Four awards were First Place, Excellence In Craft.

When in doubt ... set the hook!

                                                                          Boat Gear & Tackle Reviews

           Raymarine's Dragonfly 5 depthsounder: After a year on the console of the river boat, about 50 trips on the Columbia, 

           this unit has proven useful, accurate, and reliable. The screen shows up well in any light. CHIRP defines bottom

           structure in detail. Regular beam pings fish at any depth. A worthwhile buy. 


           Berkley's Fireline remains my choice for deep water jigging, and trolling. The feel of a jig bite is instant to the rod. The thin            braided line pulls trolled plugs several feet deeper. Despite the higher initial cost, Fireline long outlasts mono. Even frayed,            braid seems stronger. 


           The Navionics Platinum Nautical chart I loaded into my Lowrance HDS 5 last spring has been great for both salmon 

           trolling and finding sea mounts for lingcod in The Strait of Juan de Fuca.  


           The Cabelas' Pro Series 8 onboard battery charger I added to my Lowe river boat last April has simplified late night returns            to the garage. 'Should have bought this gadget long ago. Works great.

           We trolled a lot of Luhr Jensen's 1/2 oz. Hot Lips Express plugs for smallmouth in the Columbia last October. They run 

            34' deep on 8 lb. braid, at 2 1/2 knots. Many bass ran 3 to 4 lbs.  


Author on Merlin, San Juan islands, WA

               News, Views, Events

April 2, 2016 -- Talk with the author after his Depthsounder seminar at Salmon University's Spring Classes, Kent, WA 

June 9, 2016 -- Meet the author at his Depthsounder seminar at Coastal Conservation Association's meeting, 7 p.m., Shilo Inn, Kennewick, WA