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"The author has put together a clear tell-all on the techniques needed to catch the Pacific Northwest's best saltwater game fish." 

                                                                     Medford, OR, Mail Tribune 

"This book is jam-packed with 100's of fishing truths that will bring success to all levels of fishermen.  No matter what your knowledge base is, you will learn something from this book."

                                                  Salmon-Trout Steelheader magazine

"A heaping helping of of solid information, surprising how-to nuggets, and quite a bit of rock solid and helpful know-how. .. You'll find a lot about this book to enjoy."

                                                                                         The Reel News

Seasick? Here's a sure cure: Go stand under a tree.

Waiting for the morning bite, San Juan Islands, WA

A 12 lb. coho, caught at Sekiu, WA

​  Change is how we talk to fish. New bait, new   color, new depth, new direction.... Fish answer by biting.

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There is absolutely nothing quite so much worth doing as messing about boats. 

                                           Water Rat to Mole,

                                     Wind In The Willows,

                                             by Ken Grahame