Halis -- Big-time fishing, for real big fish. 

Learn how to catch more halibut, chickens to barn doors. Plenty of tackle drawings & rigging diagrams. 

Discover hali habits, prey, migrations, and ambush spots. 

Study drift techniques, trolling tricks, chumming strategies, jigging methods.

Use the hali length/weight table.

This book includes scores of hali hotspots, with GPS lat/lon coordinates for waters from California to British Columbia. 

​If you want a winter's worth of fillets, this book is for you. 

​​Rockies, lingcod, kelp greenling, hake, sablefish, pollock, true cod ... fun to catch, great eating!

When you limit on salmon by sunup, what to do? Grab your jigging rod!

These fish are family friendly -- there's always some willing biter on the bottom. 

Each chapter describes when,  where, and how to catch a mess of fillets. 

Special chapter: doggies, ratties, wolfies, sculpies -- odd fish that kids love to catch. 

Here's a back-pocket size book that will put fish in the box and bring smiles to your crew.


Fillet of flounder -- Gourmet dining! Squirt a little lemon juice on broiled flounder fillets and everyone will clamor for seconds. 

Surfperch? Beachroamers land these tasty fish by the thousands, any fishable day of the year. You can, too.

Sand dabs and sole are also abundant ... and easy to catch. Learn how, where, when. Plenty of diagrams simplify rigging.

Drift-fish from a boat, walk a pier, wade the beach -- this book will help you catch supper. 

softbound, 48 pages

softbound, 56 pages

softbound, 48 pages

softbound, full color, 134 pages

Softbound, full color, 110 pages


If you would like to order a book as a gift, and wish the author to autograph it: 

Order from the author's Amazon.com store, Inkslinger Books, and include signing instructions -- your name, recipient's name, occasion, where fishing.  

      Learn scores of tips in Wayne's book,

       Fish On!, to boat more fish all along   

       the Pacific Coast. 

A live halibut makes a poor dancing partner.

The two best times to go fishing are when it's raining and when it's not.

About 75% of the world is covered with water. So we should spend about 75% of our time fishing, right?

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, you get rid of him for the weekend.

Live like a salmon -- ​​Spawn 'till you die!

Catching fish is the easy part. Finding fish, well, that's another story.


This manual will allow you to unleash your depthsounder's full, fish-finding power. 

Learn how to:Read the water like a book. Spot baitfish, gamefish.

See the thermocline. Identify bottom types. 

Cut screen clutter.

Choose the best frequency.