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                              Archived Depthsounder Q & A

Q: When I installed my depthfinder, I mixed up my power cables. Did I do real damage?

A: No. Depthsounders have reverse polarity protection. 

Q:  I broke a pin on my Garmin Echo. Can I fix it?

A:  Nope. Send it to Kansas City.  Garmin will fix it.

Q: When I cruise over 24 knots, my Lowrance HDS7 loses bottom. Transducer's on the stern. What's        wrong? 

A: Nothing's wrong. Most depthsounders lose the bottom in the mid-20's. Too many air bubbles on the 'ducer's face.

Q: My partner says depthsounders scare fish. True or false?

A: False. Several studies have proven fish do not react to depthsounder sonar pulses. 

Q: My Humminbird 'sounder seldom reads the bottom on the old mill pond I fish. It reads fine everywhere else. What's the answer?

A: Silt bottom. Too soft to reflect decent echos. 

Q: When I fish along steep, underwater walls on the Columbia River, junk clutters my Raymarine Dragonfly 5 screen. Why is that?

A: Underwater turbulence. Current hits the wall, swirls, sweeps debris, traps air bubbles. To your 'sounder, bubbles mean troubles. 


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